What a cream has to do with the mind?

This is how marketers sold me the new face cream and how you are going to reprogram your mind to make new year resolution work. When I was younger my new year resolution for at least ten years years sounded like "From January the 2nd I will join the gym three times per week, I will shape the body within the next Summer". After expensive new fitness clothes, despite really good intentions, my enthusiasm vanished without even realising it and in February the fitness bag never left the house.

Now I see this every year with some of the yoga students, in January classes are always full. We know yoga makes us feeling good, what do I want for this year? I want to feel good? What do I need? I do need more yoga in my life, let me sign up for this program. I appreciate some resolves can be really life changing, like giving up addictions like alcohol, or smoking. This is why I do want to help everyone. We all have the born-right and the ability to transform our lives and I will never give up on people. I want to make this world beautiful. Here first the bad news

  • Discipline is not something you can force with your conscious mind, period.

  • All your good intentions, set with your intellect/intelligence decision making mind will not work, period.

Here is the good news

  • The gym does actually work, but only if you can maintain the discipline; And if only you can maintain alive your enthusiasm you will get what you want and you will feel the way you want to feel.

Where does the discipline come from?

The short answer is you need to transform yourself from inside out not the opposite way round. Your choices are guided by your values, your values live in your subconscious mind.

It is your believe system that guides your decision making process every single day, almost every action and decision you take. Marketers knows this really well, because they just sold me my values and not only a face cream.

I have just bought a new face cream, because all the ingredients are natural, organic, cruelty free, everything in a beautiful mild green recyclable package. They sold me my values, the cream was a natural consequence.

90 percent of brain activity is beyond your conscious awareness.

This means 90% of your time you are not choosing to go to the gym consciously. Which it makes it hard to see any sort of transformation based just on what you are telling yourself to do.

You know the quote "Your life is the result of your choices", if you choose every day to eat healthy, well you will have a healthy body. There is no magic pill. But if I do not have control over myself, how do I do it? Really frustrating I know.

What you can do is to become the Master of Your Self but from inside-out, starting reprogramming the Subconscious Mind.

Yoga really gives you access to your subconscious and really creates new neural pathways. The intention "I want to practice yoga every day" will not work, but what will work is creating a new belief system based on values. I do practice regularly, I breathe and live yoga because of my values health, no violence, purity, no excess, truthfulness, energy this is my belief system, values shape who you are, create personality and guide choices. You can use your values to achieve goals, you can also change values if they do not serve your vision. Let the new belief system guide your choices in the direction you want. This week take you time to identify your own values. What do you value? I will explain next week how to set a Sankalpa, resolve that talks the language of your subconscious mind and will transform you from inside out based on your values. You will realise that everything you actually achieved so far, you achieved thanks to that model. It is a question of understanding how things work and apply same winning model to new things you want.

I wish to see you on the yoga mat in January and for the rest of your life.


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