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If you suffer from anxiety create the vessel to navigate the realm of your mind

Everybody agrees, the recent pandemic situation has shaken the fundamental of our living at one degree. Financial stability, Health, Family or Community really are the roots that stabilise ones life.

For some of you, anxiety is a new unfamiliar feeling, that arose recently due to the 2020 's global situation, but for a lot of people who read this article anxiety has been a "normal" way of living. I heard students calling it my anxiety like it would be a belonging. They got so familiar to experience life with an anxiety energy always permeating any aspect of their life, that they do not see any other way of living without.

People who suffer from anxiety disorders are fearful, restless, most of their life. Poor boundaries, poor focus, and chronic disorganisations are daily basis struggles.

We are not suppose to live with an anxiety energy always present.

This psychology is beautifully explained with the work of Anodea Judith Eastern body and Western mind fundamental resource of our 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training. Thanks to her work, as yoga teacher we are now more educated about our students Mental, Emotional and Physical's struggles, we are aware of some of the root causes that led to the disorder and we can better share practises which can enhance a healing process. We do not claim Yoga can cure anxiety, we do not prescribe a fixed sequence, also we understand that is not just about physical exercise, but we invite for our students an honest investigation, sharing techniques and sometimes not yoga related activities, they might want to explore and integrate.

A yoga practice I often offer to students who suffer from anxiety is a session with strong focus to come back to the physical aspects of being human.

Engaging the five senses and coming back over and over to body sensations are the focus in a Root chakra's practice to balance deficiency.

This class has received so many lovely feedbacks from my students that I thought to gift it to everyone who might need grounding and stability. I ask you only one thing, if this class will help you, please share the link with someone who might need this right now. We heal ourselves to heal the world.

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