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If you are always starting a new challenge from Tomorrow or from the next Monday, this is for you!

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

If you are always starting a new challenge from Tomorrow or from Monday, this is for you!

I blamed myself for long time, until I found that I never lack discipline, but the true information about how the mind actually works.

Revealed in the next few Monday’s articles the answers to these questions…

  • What do I actually want? Can my intention be a materialistic goal?

  • Why new year resolution last less than one month

  • How to set an intention that can become a lifestyle change and your second nature

Let’s start with the first one: What do you want?

Here you are at the beginning of a yoga class and the teacher gives you 2 minutes to set an intention and your mind is super busy or completely blank, 2 minutes are gone, and you have not found nothing meaningful.

If this you, start giving yourself permission to desire something, and yes this can be a materialistic goal, simple as “I would like a new car”

Now what? Now dig!

I give you this example. How did I heal eating disorders? Since I was 15 years old I wished to be thin and skinny. But why? What did mean to me to be slim? What did I really want to achieve? If only I would be slim I would be perfect, control, perfection not to count a belief system rooted in previous female generations of my family, were my underlying feelings, it is digging and investigating all the underlying issues, all your subconscious impressions, all your beliefs, that true healing happens. It was not just a number on the scale, that was just the point of an iceberg. Why do people want money? It is not money but what money can buy. Someone said the problem is not wanting but not wanting enough. Do not stop to desire a car, a new house, ask yourself why do I want this? what do I really want? If you are a yoga teacher do not take for granted all your students know how to get insights from a simple desire, insights arise when we listen carefully. Be a gentle compassionate guidance through this process.

Create time and space for your students to investigate what does matter to them and why? The real question is actually - How do you want to feel?

Feelings are intangible and sometimes difficult to grasp, starting with a materialistic goal can help the discovery. Yoga is a space for self-exploration and becomes a laboratory where to become familiar with e-motions. This exercise enables students to get in contact with themselves and to get to understand underlying desire and needs, often enabling a healing process which leads to life balance.

Your students are here for that, to find peace within.

If in the space of 2 minutes you did not discover anything do not worry, just having asked yourself the question and relaxing it means your brain like a computer processor will elaborate the answer for you, do not do anything, remain tuned within and just wait the answer will come to surface in the next few days, marvellous brain!

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