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How to become a yoga teacher

My story

For many years I suffered of eating disorders, IBS, migraines, hormonal imbalances, skin conditions, anxiety, panic attacks and other tensions related to unprocessed emotions due to my mum premature death at age 39. Thrive on health and living a happy balanced life became my life mission.

This year I am turning 38 and never been healthier in my whole life, I have vitality to raise four children, to enjoy hiking adventures with my partner and to support many other people journeys doing a job I truly love and feel a vocation for.

You might think that 23 years of practicing yoga of course do the trick, but no, not even my first yoga teacher training packed me with the skills I needed to really thrive.

Then I discover what I was missing in the big picture.

A Yoga Teacher Training that enables you to teach triangle pose or down-facing dog can be squeezed in a couple of weeks, but a training that enables you to embrace a lifestyle, to thrive on health, to heal yourself and the world around you, it should last longer and ideally never end.

In order to become a Yoga Teacher you need to embrace, live and breathe this concept from the word of Swami Muktibodhananda

“Just to improve physical health is not enough. The mental health must also improve, the nature must change, the personality must change, the psychological and psychic framework also has to change. You should not merely feel freedom from disease, but freedom from bondage and from vagaries of the mind. Now the time has come when teachers in every part of the world must understand and transmit the true spirit of Hatha Yoga.”

When I had the vision of leading my ideal yoga teacher training, I knew I wanted to individually nurture each student like I would care for each of my children. Enable each of my student to embrace a long-lasting natural and balanced lifestyle, I knew I wanted to listen, inspire, and coach each student with attention and compassion. I knew I wanted to offer to all qualified teachers Continue Education and a Yoga Community of like-minded people to come back to. I want to give students wings to fly and roots to grow.

Here the qualities I have identified in my ideal yoga teacher trainer, that can help you to choose the right one for you

1. Your yoga teacher should know you, not only your name but your story, your values, your strength and weaknesses, your beliefs, and what makes you unique.

2. Your yoga teacher should have the quality of a mentor, should lead by example and truly inspire and guide you.

3. Your yoga teacher should embody the role of a life coach helping you clarify your personal goals, identify the obstacles holding you back, and then provide you the yoga tools box for you to heal yourself and flourish in the role you choose to make a difference in this world.

Get to know your teacher and choose mindfully like you would choose your mentor. Ask yourself

Do I admire the teacher and share the same values? Does the teacher inspire me? Can this person guide me towards my personal goals?

How do we at Yoga & Co.

· Being authentic, leading by example, sharing and inspiring

· Reading your personal journals and listening mindfully

· Creating condition for bonding and enable compassionate discussions

· Gently guiding and showing you the path to take

· Recognising your unicity and empowering you

· Making space to experience and do mistakes

· Loving unconditional

I feel a sense of excitement like before Christmas when I start a new enrolment stage, I am always wondering who I am going to meet? How our path together will be?

All our groups are small, and we open enrolment only 2 times in a year.

At the moment we offer in person and online 200 hours yoga teacher training to meet people different needs. Consider carefully your priority and way of learning and reach out for help and support to choose your journey.

Join our Facebook Yoga Community here.

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