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If Yoga does not help you to enter in relationship with your being, you are a missing a big chance of transformation and development.

Having a spiritual teacher guiding you through your practice can really bring the two realms the body and the mind together and enhance the growth you are seeking.

Knowing that you have to be on your mat at the same exact time as everyone else it really motivates you. Sharing this time with like-minded people increases a sense of belonging to a lovely group.

  • Yoga lectures, weekly classes and recording, Community support

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All yoga practitioners can transform their life into an expression of wellbeing by using Yoga & Co training programs, because are designed to embody the yoga philosophy.

The spiritual aspect of Yoga moves the energy from a place of Doing to a place of Being and you are transformed inside out. 

These recordings are for Yoga Continue Educational purpose especially designed for Yoga & Co's Trainees or Passionate Practitioner who wants to take the yoga practice to the next level of consciousness.